Planting Schemes

Plants in a garden are what give it the wow factor, large and impressive areas of paving and large expanses of lawn are all well and good but if you want a garden to ‘feel’ like a garden, it needs planting which should include hedges and trees where ever appropriate.

This part of the project can be a daunting one for many people because there is a real fear due to a lack of understanding.

With careful planning and some thought, a scheme can be created to give year-round interest, a real lift to your mood whenever you venture outside and most importantly, it doesn’t need to be difficult to look after.

I will often encourage our client to get involved at this stage and work with us to create a garden that reflects their personality. This can be achieved through visits to our wholesale nursery suppliers as well as time spent with myself and Gaynor collating a scheme that will work for you as well as thrive in whatever conditions your garden enjoys.