Our Approach

We can design anything from small urban courtyards to large rural gardens for clients in the Midlands, Shropshire and Staffordshire and do not limit ourselves to one ‘style’ of garden. No two people want exactly the same garden and no two gardens are exactly the same. Some people adore plants and enjoy spending time looking after them. Others want the easiest, quickest option, with the minimum of maintenance.

The important issue is that you must be able to use your outside space as you want. It should be a beautiful space for you and your family and friends to enjoy and use. You may want a lush, green abundantly planted garden with lots of floral interest or an elegant and contemporary space with the minimum of fuss. That is very much your choice.

The common element in our gardens is that they are well designed both functionally and visually and have strong ‘bone structure’ with good planting.

It can be difficult to visualise how your garden could look and to work out where to put features and plants for best effect. Our role is to help you do just that. We will listen to your requirements and ideas, absorb and interpret them and turn them into reality with the minimum of fuss, time and bother. This could be a full-blown garden design project including a presentation plan, construction drawings and planting plan or it could be a simple revamp and re-plant.

From the very first meeting, we will start to pull together a list of requirements and develop the concept. It is important to sort out a number of issues.