Garden Design for small gardens

Garden Design for small gardens, in general, is a more challenging project to undertake. Say you live in a modern apartment with limited space, you can always opt for a balcony garden with an eye-catching focal point. As for other small outdoor spaces, it has to function on many levels at different times of the day, week, and year for your home. Materials require particular attention, as well as the very careful selection of beautiful plants and trees and all, have to combine to form a cohesive space that will work for everyone.

Make it Functional

It all depends on how you’d like to use your outdoor space. Some love to host big family parties, whereas others prefer the privacy of an intimate meal for 2. (sometimes both!)

However you choose to use your space you’ll need to be versatile with the furniture and storage you buy. It can save you heaps of space that you may be lacking. Here are a few things to consider with your garden design ideas.

  • Folding furniture, such as bistro tables and chairs can easily be stored away.
  • Extending patio tables offer multiple lengths when you need to accommodate a number of guests.
  • Add a padded cushion to a sturdy low table to serve as an occasional ottoman or stool.
  • Bench style seating is great at fitting more people and space-saving than your usual individual seats. They’re also great for children